TSSIA Representation on Govt. Bodies: 

TSSIA has representations on various Central & State, Public Bodies like Central Excise Regional Advisory Committee, Service Tax Regional Advisory Committee, TMC, State Level Udyog Mitra, Zilla Udyog Mitra, and State VAT Advisory Committee. & District committee, ESIC, ESIS., TMC – ICLE Solar Committee, Hawkers Committee, DISH etc.
TSSIA has constituted Expert Committees to address important issues as also to advise and to educate members. These committees consist of experts from Trade, Commerce, Industry, Banking, Legal, Labour law, Taxation etc.

TSSIA Representation on Various Local, State and Central Govt Committees

ESIC: Mr. Nipun J.Mehta, Chaiman of TSSIA ESIC Cmmittee, Member of Local Committee of ESIC for Thane District formed by Govt. of Maharashtra.

R B I: S L I I C Committee: Mr. Sandeep Parikh, Vice President,  representing TSSIA on State level Inter Institutional Committee, under the head of Development Commissioner.

Planning Commission, Energy Committee, Govt of Maharashtra: Dr. Ashok Pendse, Chairman, Energy Committee TSSIA has been selected as a member of Planning Commission‘s Energy Committee.

MEDA: District Advisory Committee: Dr. Ashok Pendse our EC member representing TSSIA on the District level Committee on Renewable Energy, constituted by Collector Thane.

MERC: Mrs. Sujata Soparkar – Vice President representing the Industrial Consumers on the Electricity Regulatory Commission.

State Level Udyog Mitra Committee & Zilla Udyog Mitra: TSSIA office bearers are regularly attending the Udyog Mitra, ZUM meetings and are continuously pressing for changes, the efforts of which are slowly bearing fruit.

Regional Advisory Committee Central Excise Mumbai II: Mr Sandeep Parikh – Vice President representing TSSIA as a member of this committee.

Direct & Indirect Taxes GST: Mr. Sandeep Parikh, Vice President, representing TSSIA on State level & Regional level.

State level Advisory Board (SISI): Dr. M.R. Khambete.

Industrial Training Institute (Girls) Thane: Dr. M.R. Khambete – President and Mrs Sujata Soparkar – Vice President representing TSSIA on the Advisory Committee of Industrial Training Institute for Technical Education.

PTFC: Mr. Dharmu A Vanjani and Mr. Sachin Mhatre are representing TSSIA on PTFC Committee, Import & Export at J.N.P.T, Jahaj Bhavan, Uran, New Custom House, and Air Cargo Complex respectively.

Nano Technology Committee of IRMRA, Government of India: Mrs. Sujata Soparkar – Vice President

Thane District Sales Tax (VAT) Advisory Committee: Mr. Sandeep Parikh Vice President & Mr. DharmuVanjani – EC member are representing TSSIA.

State/ Central Government: Mr. Sandeep Parikh Vice President & Mr. DharmuVanjani – EC member are representing TSSIA.